We focus on the research and development of novel biologic drugs. Through the past decade, we have built up a robust pipeline and the drug modality including monoclonal antibody, bispecific antibody, single-domain antibody and other modalities. Our therapeutics areas mainly focus on GI cancers and autoimmune diseases. Currently, our drug candidate targets include EGFR, CD47, CSF-1R, CLDN18.2 and other undisclosed immune checkpoints covering various aspects of the tumor microenvironment (TME). As of today, our pipeline has 9 drug candidates, 4 of which are in the clinical development stage, accumulatively receiving 7 open INDs.








Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

  • PD-L1

  • mAb

  • Solid tumor

BC003 PD-L1mAb

Fully Human IgG1 anti-PD-L1 monoclonal antibody containing wild-type Fc with ADCC

Phase II study ongoing:  monotherapy for the treatment of non-clear cell renal cell carcinoma (nccRCC)

Phase I study ongoing: monotherapy for the treatment of advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma, 

preliminary data showed an excellent safety profile with promising efficacy of ORR = 26.7% (4/15)

Phase Ia combination study ongoing: dose-escalation study of BC003 in combination with BC001 for advanced solid tumor

Multiple combo clinical trials are under planning

  • EGFR

  • mAb

  • Solid tumor


Chimeric IgG1 anti-EGFR monoclonal antibody, identical CDR sequence with Cetuximab

Phase Ia study completed: three dose cohorts of 400, 500 and 750 mg/m2 tested in a "3+3" approach and the results showed the drug to be safe and tolerable

Phase Ib (combination therapy with TIP for the treatment of advanced penile cancer) study ongoing: good safety (no new safety risk), excellent efficacy (ORR=94.1%, 16/17)

Pivotal phase II clinical study is in planning

Phase Ia combination study ongoing: dose-escalation study of BC001 in combination with BC003 for advanced solid tumor

  • IL-4R

  • mAb

  • Asthma

BC005 IL-4RmAb

Humanized anti-IL4R monoclonal antibody

Phase I clinical trial demonstrated a safety profile, and Phase II clinical development is in progress for moderate to severe atopic dermatitis and asthma

Fc sequence optimized with extended half-life

Optimized the formula to high concentration, 150ml/ml

Stable process development with high titers

  • CSF-1R

  • mAb

  • TGCT*

BC006 CSF-1RmAb

First-in-class anti-CSF-1R mAb in China, fully human IgG1 mAb with ADCC

Exploratory phase I clinical trial is ongoing

Targeted indications: 

TGCT (Orphan indication), IPF (Orphan indication), solid tumor, etc.

  • CLDN18.2 X CD47

  • BsAb

  • Solid tumor

BC007 CLDN18.2 X CD47BsAb

Novel bi-specific antibody targeting CD47 X CLDN 18.2 with excellent developability, safety and efficacy  

NMPA IND expecting Q1 2022, FDA IND expecting Q2 2022

  • CLDN18.2

  • Sd-Fc

  • Gastric cancer

BC008 CLDN18.2Sd-Fc

CLDN18.2/single domain Fc fusion protein antibody

With enhanced ADCC effect, BC008 showed good anti-tumor efficacy in multiple animal models

IND submitted in Jan 2021

  • CD73

  • mAb

  • Solid tumor

BC010 CD73mAb

Innovative humanized monoclonal antibody, targeting new immune checkpoints, with certain curative effects on multiple tumor types

Showing synergistic effects when combined with other IO drugs

Fc engineered optimization improving the safety

  • TNFR2

  • mAb

  • Solid tumor

BC011 TNFR2mAb
  • (Undisclosed)

  • mAb

  • Pancreatic cancer

BCT2101 (Undisclosed)mAb
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